Collection: Pure Shores artisan

Slow-made beauty

Pure Shores is a small family company located in Tallinn, Estonia. We are inspired by sea - both by its calming atmosphere and also its precious produce.

Our production is local and small-batch. All our shampoo bars have their unique pattern and texture with small bumps and shallows revealing the artisan side of us.

Developed by organic chemist

"The beginning of Pure Shores artisan goes back to my university years when I obtained a master degree in organic chemistry and researched DNA in Denmark. It was eye-opening to learn the complexity of nucleic acid science and it turned out to be even more exciting to apply this knowledge to create simple yet effective beauty products.

I have a difficult hair type - fine, flat and heavy. I had really struggled to find a shampoo that would cleanse my hair without it becoming oily 3 hours later, while making it thick and voluminous. Do you know what I mean? After having my first daughter, I started to experiment with some home-made shampoo bars. I learned the fine details from my Italian teacher. Solid shampoo is not only extremely effective but also excellent for oily hair and environmentally-friendly. I started to see results quite soon and have not stopped making shampoo bars since then.

My 3 year-old daughter and 1 year-old son who both have the same hair type motivated me on this journey that would eventually become Pure Shores artisan. "

Our ingredients

Haircare products do not necessarily need to include chemical ingredients. We have chosen to go natural and plant-based. We use the most gentle cleansing ingredients derived from coconut oil producing big bubbles without the use of sulfates that strip natural oils from the scalp and hair. We use plant-based probiotic cultures to keep our products safe and preserve the natural microflora of the scalp.

Our manufacturing

We produce locally following a minimalistic approach in our manufacturing. All products are hand-blend in small batches to ensure freshness and authenticity of our products. We are devoted to low-waste manufacturing trying to find a purpose for each and every side product. Our artisan workshop is located in Tallinn, Estonia.