It all started with the passion and dedication of a strong young woman with a beautiful name Linda, who turned her dream of creating a store of only the cleanest, non-toxic, natural products to life. As the time went on, Linda was ready to start on new adventures and had to find honest, nature loving people to leave her creation in good hands. And that's how, with the input of a new team of passionate, young enthusiasts, EcoGlam boutique turned into aiyona.

We went through hundreds of products, researching every ingredient, so that you don't have to. After a thorough selection, we handpicked an exquisite selection of 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free beauty products that are safe for health and kind to the environment, but at the same time - effective, long-lasting and pigmented. The production process, values of brands are also very important to us, that is why we choose to represent the brands and companies, that are honest, caring of the environment and their employees.

Sisters in charge

"Hi, there, it's us - twin sisters Katherine and Ana. After we both became mothers, the conscious approach to what we put on our bodies and what goes in contact with our babies became the priority.

Our background is very full of different artistic endeavours - for many years we identified as a musical duo, performing on different stages, releasing our music, and being fully involved in all the artistic processes like song-writing, music video production, brand design, stage costume design and also stage make-up. Although it is a different business, it still was always connected to beauty, and bringing beauty to the world.

We have always gravitated to natural and organic approach to beauty, to health, to food and sports. For many years we have been consciously selecting our skincare products, choosing the cleanest ingredients. After we both became mothers 5 days apart, that interest raised to another level. Not only do we want to protect our children from the harm of toxins, and harsh chemicals, but we also aspire to set the best example of taking care of ourselves and the world.

It is our mission and also a privilege to be able to run an online beauty store, with such an amazing selection of the cleanest products. We hope to inspire others to take a step into direction of healthy beauty, where the cosmetics we put on our bodies are beneficial and safe for health, our children and the world."

  • 100% NATURAL

    We believe that nature holds all the answers to our health and beauty. Skin is our largest organ, and it is important to take care not only of what we put on our plate, and IN our bodies, but also ON our bodies. Natural ingredients are derived from nature - plants, minerals, and have undergone minimal processing. Not all natural ingredients are safe for humans, so we choose only those that are.


    Although, we predominantly sell vegan beauty products, we do accept beauty products containing beeswax and honey. We always make sure that all ingredients are sourced responsibly & sustainably and have not undergone animal testing on any stage of production.


    We want to break a myth and overrule a stereotype, that
    natural cosmetics are not as effective as the synthetic ones. Our
    selected products have been personally tested and
    researched by our team.

We believe in beauty that is good for health and Earth.