Collection: ZUZii

We have started research to find a more environmentally friendly product. And we found it in the amazing plant that is bamboo! We have created our own brand ZUZii. The products we offer are made of one hundred percent bamboo cellulose

The product is made in China, where the plant has ideal conditions for optimal growth. Thanks to this, the process of introducing to our market is much more environmentally friendly.

Cutting down bamboo trees causes significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions than cutting down trees for industrial purposes in Poland. We are sure that Zuzii fits our market, which is becoming more and more aware of the ecological threats of today.

Bamboo has been recognized as the material of the future by many people. We agree 100% with this. This amazing plant is used all over the world to make various products, such as clothing or household products. Using items made of bamboo is the perfect way to improve our ecosystem.