27,000 trees are cut down every single day for traditional tree paper production, with huge areas of our planet subject to deforestation. There must be a better way?!
There is! Meet our Bamboo solution! Co-founders, Julie & Chris, took a trip to Asia in 2016, where they saw the surplus of Bamboo that was being wasted and thought, why are we not using this more sustainable solution instead of trees?! 

Our products quickly became bestsellers on Amazon, boasting a bunch of positive reviews from satisfied customers, especially those with sensitive skin. So The Cheeky Panda became a health conscious alternative as well as a sustainable alternative. That's a win-win.

We're expanding our range AND saving more trees in the process! We may be growing as fast as Bamboo, but we maintain our essence as a family brand, creating eco-friendly alternatives for a better future!

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